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Thanks to those who Signed my Petition

Thanks to everyone who signed my petition at We the Although we didn’t meet the threshold of 25,000 signatures, it was a worthwhile endeavor. It helped me to put my concerns out there, expressing myself more publicly than I had ever done before. I made some concerted efforts trying to get people to sign it. I had never used Facebook so intensively, and it was interesting to post my petition request on assorted Facebook pages. I did so at various chapters of the Audubon Society and the Nature conservancy. Later on, I also went to some right wing Facebook groups, including the Tea Party.
A few people liked the postings, a few, from either side of the political spectrum, responded with hostility.
Oh well.
I responded to a few of those, challenging them to elaborate on their objections, but none of them followed up. I expected that the Tea Party types would take the bait, since they were the most abusive and I thought they would be reluctant to let my challenge go unanswered. It seems likely that once they read my responses, they realized that they didn’t really know what was going on with U.S. population growth and didn’t want to dig themselves in any deeper.
Oh well.
A lot of what progressives said was pretty much what I expected. As I wrote in an article published four years ago in the Montpelier Bridge, “While many on the left will admit that global population growth is a problem, they treat domestic population growth as a taboo.” Since that time, I’ve come to realize that a lot of liberals are actually reluctant to acknowledge the dangers of population growth even in highly stressed, less-developed nations struggling to cope with high rates of population growth. I’ve got my work cut out for me. Indeed, I do.
Oh well.
My goal of getting the American people to recognize and respond to our rapid population growth is still a central component of my life, and I think the concept of a population at or below one third of a billion people is one that I can sell to a broader audience. I am up to that challenge, but it will take some time. In support of this goal I have updated my video series. My earlier versions seem so lethargic to me now, so I have revamped them with a goal of trimming the text content, or at least breaking the text materials out into a larger number of slides with only brief captions on each. Anyhow, I think they work better now. I also broke the video on Carrying Capacity into two shorter pieces, with the total of fifteen minutes trimmed down to two videos of about five minutes each. I also posted a fourth video on the Census Bureau’s Obfuscation on the Impact of Immigration.

After this effort, I am even more clear about what a taboo this subject has become in recent decades, even more of a taboo than I had realized when I wrote about it four years . I have posted that essay here for your convenience.   You can read that essay, “Politics Over Science,”   right here on this web page.

When it comes to population policies, progressive liberals are no less blind to science than the Tea Party nutjobs denying climate change and evolution over at the opposite end of the political spectrum.
Thanks again to all who signed my petition. And best wishes for a happy new year.


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