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An Update: America needs immigration reform, but not the reform approved by the US Senate

I have been busy with other endeavors of late (not all of which pertain to my views on population), but wouldn’t want you to think that I have forgotten about the activities described here on this website.  It seemed a good time, however, to compile the handful of contributions I have made to Vermont media over the past few months.  Some of these are behind paywalls, so I have posted the text of those here for your convenience.  I know that soon I will have to come back to take further action in response to Hampshire College’s involvement in the smear campaign aimed at my my fellow populationists.  Sooner or later, I need to bring this protest to some kind of conclusion, and there is the statute of limitations to consider.

For now, it feels okay  just to offer my own perspective to the issue and know that I probably need not worry about some new youngsters apprenticing in groundless character assassination under the cover of Betsy Hartmann’s slander-crusted wings.  To the extent that I have been exempt from such attacks, I think the protest has served its purpose well.


This first piece may seem a little bit context deficient. The Burlington Free Press had run a commendable series of articles on population issues. While they clearly tried to present a balanced picture, I felt that some of them could have been more challenging to the views of economists who argued that we needed faster population growth to maintain some vague concept of  economic viability.  This essay was submitted after that series came out, but the paper did not print it for several months.

Population Growth is a Problem

Burlington Free Press, May 21, 2013

This piece appeared on the same day in both the Rutland Herald and on

You can read it directly off the free VTDigger web site.

Population Growth Makes our Problems Harder to Resolve

Although this is not my own work, this article covers a meeting we held in June to celebrate the fact that Vermont’s population had declined slightly in 2012. As such, it seems to fit in this update of my own efforts.

Sustainable Population Celebration in Burlington

Burlington Free Press, June 22, 2013, by Matt Ryan

And this one, an open letter to Senator Patrick Leahy, was published in the Montpelier Times Argus on July 17th.

It is behind a paywall, but somehow the original e-mail link from the Times Argus still works.  I have posted a text version in case that link doesn’t work anymore.

Time for Action, Senator

More of these efforts in the pipeline, but for the time being it seems that, as much as they are destructively crazy dogfuckers in most respects, this progressive populationist finds himself in the awkward position of feeling grateful for, if not necessarily grateful to, those GOP nutjobs in the House of Representatives.

Update to the Update

As I posted this entry this morning, I had not yet learned that this piece had found a home after the Washington Post had declined to publish.  Maybe I got my commas wrong or something. I’m quite sure I didn’t get my facts wrong.

Providence Journal, September 14, 2013

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