Making it safe for progressives to talk about population


I have been involved in population issues for almost two decades, and aside from serving on the board of the New England Coalition for Sustainable Population, I am also the Secretary/Treasurer of Vermonters for Sustainable Population. I have lived in Worcester, VT for the past ten years, and served on the Worcester/Doty Elementary School Board for five years, including two years as Chairman of that esteemed body.  Currently, I am the chairman of the Worcester Conservation Commission, a volunteer, appointed post entrusted to me by the Worcester Selectboard. For the past fifteen years I have been employed by a statewide nonprofit, which plays no role in the shaping of my political views but does respect the first amendment to an admirable degree.  Another area of interest of mine is field research on wild turtles in Central Vermont, for which I have held a permit since 2003, issued by the Vermont Nongame and Natural Heritage Program. You can learn more about this, by the way, on Youtube. (   ) And you can see some of my turtle photos on my own Facebook page.

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