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Recommended Left-Wing Propaganda (Updated Oct. 27th)

Although this page is primarily dedicated to opposing the smear tactics described herein, there are many other places where you can read more about the issues of both global and U.S. population growth. I recommend the following as a starting point for those who wish to better understand these issues.

A really inspiring figure for me is Frank Morris, Retired Dean, of the historically black Morgan State University, the  Former Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.  He has been attacked repeatedly over his efforts to draw attention to the impact of immigration on low-income African American families.  He begins his remarks discussing the treatment he has received at the hands of progressive liberals who are not always as nice as one might expect.  Watch Part 1, further down the page, to hear these reflections.

Much of what I have learned about the smear tactics used by Imagine2050 has come from following the work of Jerry Kammer, a professional journalist now working with the Center for Immigration Studies. Here’s a sampling of his work that may help illuminate the work of Professor Hartmann in this 21st Century Left-wing McCarthyism.

Once Again, Washington Post Swallows the SPLC’s “Hate Group” Hype


The Carnegie Corporation and Immigration: How a Noble Vision Lost Its Way

Carnegie’s Noble Vision Gone Astray

Some more analysis of the flaws inherent in the central accusations of the POBAFS activists.

Let’s Play the Guilt by Association Game!

Guilt by Association (Centerpiece of POBAFS strategy)

Some prominent liberal journalists, including those who don’t necessarily write about population growth, have also pointed out the troubling aspects of the POBAFS lobby.

For example, Alexander Cockburn is a highly regarded liberal journalist.

King of the Hate Business

The Late Alexander Cockburn on Morris Dees and the SPLC


And we can thank the GOP and its anti-choice, anti-family planning mindset for reversing the progress made in providing affordable contraceptive services to American women. This report from the Population Institute quantifies just how badly America has slipped in this vital area.

Population Institute give U.S. a C- on reproductive health and freedom

And this study by the Wilson Center provides a contemporary glimpse of how the human population is rapidly drawing down the global water supplies that future generations will need for survival.

Wilson Center Study on depletion of global aquifers
Progressives for Immigration Reform is looking at U.S. immigration reform through the context of the Environmental Protection Act, compiling an Environmental Impact Statement on the population growth that this immigration brings to our shores.

PFIR Preparing Environmental Impact Statement on U.S. Immigration Policy


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